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Over the last eight months, Happy World Meal Gate has received tons of enquiries from members and the general public on the underlying reasons We’re yet to have a functional office in Kaduna, the political capital of Northern Nigeria. Not done, they continually intimated us regarding the litany of challenges they usually encounter most especially during pins purchase and food collection.


Arnold Glasow once said “The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.’’This maxim finally came true as the patience of our members and prospects in Kaduna paid off with the official commissioning of Happy World’s office on 26th August 2017.Strategically located in the heart of the city; precisely at Matz Plaza, our office is just directly opposite the famous Ahmadu Bello Stadium.


On the morning of the unveiling, the excitement could indeed be measured with a barometer. Hours before the official commencement time, hundreds of people desirous of witnessing history, trooped to Matz Plaza to secure vantage seats. In no time, the expanse hall was filled to capacity to the extent that an ‘overflow’ had to be created outside to accommodate those who couldn’t get in.


In attendance were a potpourri of guests drawn from all walks of life. Among dignitaries that graced the August occasion was the Special Adviser to the Minister of Interior, Gen Bello Danbazau. In his welcome address, Country Director Happy World, Mr SY Lento presented a synopsis of Happy World’s impact in the lives of Nigerians and the continent. Whilst admonishing naysayers to have a rethink and come onboard, probing questions were also taken from the audience and prompt answers given.


Our correspondents spoke to a large number of invitees who extolled HWMG and described it as ‘timely and necessary’. Mrs Zainab Mutari, a registered member advised the management not to rest on their oars in the battle against hunger and malnutrition in Nigeria and Africa.


Thus from the foregoing, it is safe to posit that the day to day activities of inhabitants of this historic and vibrant city will never be the same again.It's expected that with the presence of Africa's numero uno empowerment crusader,the evil duo of hunger and malnutrition might just be warming up to slide into oblivion.


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