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The 21st of August 2017 will certainly remain indelible in the hearts of the conveners and members of Happy World Meal Gate. Why? It was the official unveiling of Stage 4 members and the presentation of their free round trip tickets to Israel and Saudi Arabia.


The atmosphere was electric, the crowd was ecstatic and the venue was the Women Development Centre, Agege Lagos State. The epoch making event ensured that the auditorium was packed full with members and the general public. Presenting his keynote, the Country Director Mr SY Lento reiterated HWMG’s drive to eradicate hunger in Nigeria and Africa.Acccording to him, Happy World is presently in 15 countries in Africa even as we continue to support the government by creating jobs and empowerment opportunities for the populace. He commended Stage 4 members for their persistence, doggedness and faith in Happy World Meal Gate.


The “Lucky 14’’as they’re fondly called include Nwankwo Emeka, Judexi Jideofor, Nwokoro Immaculata, Mabel Onwubolu, Imoh Eshiet, Olatunde Oladipo, Yusuf Prevail; Lawal Ademola and Lawal Shekirat.Others are Ada Blessing, Yusuf Abdulkabeer, Linda Akhere, Adesumbo Fehintolu, Jideofor Jude and Lawal Ademola.


As they stepped forward to receive their round trip tickets, the huge crowd went wild with frenzy and wild jubilation. Confetti filled the air and the excitement was palpable on the faces of the crowd who at the spur of the moment became paparazzis, while others used the opportunity for photo-ops.


Each of the winners extolled Happy World for staying true to its promises and ideals. According to Hon.Emeka who joyfully clutched his ticket “Happy World has put unexpected money in our pockets.” Another winner, Mabel Onwubolu was all smiles as she said ‘’N6,400 has made us millionaires!”

A large number of invitees applauded the conveners for keeping to their promises and proving naysayers wrong. By extension, Stage 4 members not only won free round trip tickets, but also brand new cars and a million naira each.


Here’s wishing our distinguished Stage 4 members safe trip and all the very best in their endeavors; and to all our members we say ‘’keep spreading the Happy gospel!’’

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