Ibadan Mega Rally And Seminar

Quite a number of people overtime,continually equate network marketing with Ponzhi schemes.Not done,too many folks believe network marketing is just too complex and tedious.Many even errorneously believe that network marketing is all about selling...

by Happy World

8 Security Tips For The Yuletide

Christmas is fast approaching and the frenzy is palpable.It is a season of an upsurge in  sales,discounts and endless shopping.While many are eagerly anticipating the most celebrated holiday in human history,others are using the opportunity t...

by Happy World

10 Hunger And Malnutrition Facts

Overtime one question that has been on the front burner is:Why the focus on hunger and malnutrition?Why not focus on other cardinal areas requiring real time attention?Our usual response is:what could be worse than a man or woman incapacitated by...

by Happy World

Demystifying HWMG Compensation Plan

It is often said that clarity is 90 percent success.We can't help but agree.For all our members and prospects who overtime have been having challenges understanding our compensation plan,these simple infographics help in demystifying the entire ga...

by Happy World

Our Food Collection Centre Is...

Over the past few weeks,we have received an avalanche of calls and messages regarding the exact location of our warehouse.While some have successfully located it,others are still at a loss.For the records,our food collection centre is :


by Happy World

HWMG Anniversary Items Up For Grabs

If for any reason you were unable to get your branded anniversary items during our recent celebration,cheer up and smile because another opportunity just presented itself.

We presently have a limited stock of Happy World branded bags and e...

by Happy World

Get Empowered With Happy World Magazine

Quite a number of us grew with the popular notion that knowledge is power.Funny enough,it was over the years that many of us began to realize that power

can only be derived after the application of the acquired knowledge.In essence,no appl...

by Happy World

Happy World's First Anniversary In Pictures

Lagos is not only the commercial nerve centre of Nigeria,it is also the home of Happy World Meal Gate.This economic hub and centre of excellence played host to one of the largest gatherings of network marketers from Nigeria and Africa.The venue wa...

by Happy World

First Photos From Happy World's Gala Night

Our recent gala night went beyond fine wine,tasty meals and good music...it was also a night of fun and worthwhile networking.

The compere of the event was none other than the amazing and ebullient Jacqueline Oludimu of jackietalks.com&nbs...

by Happy World

5 Reasons To Download Happy World Mobile App

This is cheering news for thousands of Happy World members who have always enquired about our app's availability.

Happy World's much awaited app is now available for download and here are 5 reasons we think you'll definitely need it.


by Happy World

Where Will You Be On October 28th?

The other day I overheard someone say ''Happy World's first anniversary celebration is the right platform to clear all the doubts of Doubting Thomases!''


We can't help but agree with the fellow.Don't wait to be told about wh...

by Happy World

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Happy World Meal Gate is a passionate and dynamic Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company of African extractions on a mission to bring smiles to people’s faces. We strongly believe hunger and malnutrition are a global threat and a monstrous emergency which must be tackled decisively and without delay.

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