Hello Dubai!

Our Stage 4 Awardees are presently having the time of their lives in Dubai,United Arab Emirates.This all-expense paid trip powered by Happy World Meal Gate includes an elaborate tour of various places of interest in the picturesque  Persian G...

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Stage 4 Awardees Depart For Dubai

''Hmmm...So finally I'm off to Dubai?I still can't believe it.It's so surreal.Thank you Happy World for this life-changing opportunity!''.These were the excitement soaked words of a Stage 4 Awardee as she joined her co-travellers to tidy thei...

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Fake HWMG Recruitment:Mastermind Tenders Apology

Barely two weeks ago,the news made the rounds that Happy World Head Office was besieged by hundreds of mostly young people who claimed they received text messages directing them to report for an immediate recruitment exercise at our office.A claim...

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8 Smart Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit

It is often expressly said that little drops of water makes a mighty ocean.While it is quite easy to say,we must readily admit that this is usually not the case when it comes to converting words to action.At the beginning of every year,it is commo...

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14 Reasons To Add Okro To Your Diet

Widely known as Okro or Okra,this tall-growing warm -season,hairy annual vegetable is from the same family as hollylock,rose of sharon and hibiscus.The immature pods are usually used for soups,canning and stews or as a fried or boiled vegetable.

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Happy World Abuja Mega Seminar

Guess you know by now that attaining all-round success in 2018 will be hinged on several factors which includes making worthwhile decisions and going a step further by taking action on decisions made.

At Happy World Meal Gate your growth a...

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This 2018...Tow The Path Of Excellence!

Hurray...we made it!2018 is here and of course,it came in grand style.While watching the potpourri of fireworks displayed by various countries in their bid to outdo one another in ushering in the new year,one salient question comes to mind.


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News Flash

It is that time of the year when everyone looks forward to taking a well deserved break after the hustle and bustle of  365 days.

We aren't left out of the frenzy.

We'll be going on a much deserved break on the aforementioned...

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