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The beauty of a definite and time-tested workable strategy is that in spite of teething challenges,it positions you for greater exploits.

Come learn key strategies that will aid in repositioning your HWMG business and team to the top!


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Happy World Kenya Debuts

'' you finally came to our country? We have been waiting for you for a long time!Thanks for coming all the same." These were the words of Clementina,a Kenyan who came all the way from Mombassa to attend Happy World's inaugural Mega...

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Hello Abuja!

How well have you fared since joining Happy World Meal Gate?

This seminar might be all you need to shift to the next level.

See you there!

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Fresh Nutritious Additions To Our Food Store

Your overall health and nutrition is our utmost priority, little wonder we decided to go the whole nine yards by enriching our food store with these satisfying products from Nigeria's foremost FMCG brand, Honeywell Flours Mills Plc.

So beg...

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Photos From Happy World Mega Seminar In Lagos

''Now that I've attended this seminar ,I'm re-energized to work harder and grow my team." These were the succinct words of Jennifer,a Stage 2 member of Happy World Meal Gate after attending the much publicized Mega Seminar on 8th of May 2018 at Ha...

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Happy World Meal Gate is a passionate and dynamic Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company of African extractions on a mission to bring smiles to people’s faces. We strongly believe hunger and malnutrition are a global threat and a monstrous emergency which must be tackled decisively and without delay.

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